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These routes will take you on a voyage of discovery to the most beautiful places in the most northern part of the provence of North Holland. Stop by the cozy cafes or restaurants for a delicious cup of coffee. Stretch your legs while enjoying a snack have a drink and enjoy!


* Walking route "Zwanenwater" area Callantsoog

* Walking route "De Zilte Zandroute" surroundings Callantsoog

* Walking route "De Waterwolf" area Petten

* Wandelnetwerk Schagen, with 5 routes

* Noord-Holland pad, different routes area Den Helder, Julianadorp, Kolhorn, Den Oever

* Wandelnetwerk Noord-Holland, routes & app

* 4 Daytours "Het Zijper Landschap", 17 - 25 km. (walking & cycling)


* Flower bulbs cycling route Top van Holland, 35,1 km (April-May)

* Cycling route  dunes Juliandorp, 13 km

* Cycling route Kop van Noord-Holland , 24,4 km

* Cycling route Callantsoog, Julianadorp, 47,9 km

* Polder route Callantsoog, Julianadorp, 32,2 km

* Cycling route Den Helder, Schagen en Anna Paulowna, 66,8 km

* Cycling route Den Helder, Anna Paulowna en Julianadorp, 54,4 km

Experience the naval history of Den Helder, 55,1 km

Culture and history Den Helder en Julianadorp, 35,1 km

* Cycling route Petten, Sint Maartenszee en Groet, 21,3 km

* Cycling route  Camperduin, Petten en Groet, 37,2 km

A list of all bike rental companies can be found through this link.

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