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Discover & Experience 't Zand

After the construction of the North-Holland Channel in 1824 ‘t Zand developed into a village. In the village there is a floating bridge characteristic of the North-Holland Channel. The beautiful catholic church is located at the entrance of the village. The village has been assigned as the overspill town for the former municipality Zijpe. 

The organization Landscape Noord-Holland (the organization in charge of nature conservation) has an information point at the location of the restored “Eendenkooi” on the Korte Bosweg in ‘t Zand. The centre is open giving guided tours and open days to the public. A lot of interesting guided tours and excursions are organised concerning for instance insects, water animals, birds, brooding ducks and bats.

During the annual fair in October is the Horse Trotting Race. In the former milk factory is a flower bulb company. Yearly there is held a lily exhibition. There’s a family campsite on the Bosweg. There is also a holiday cottage to rent.