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Discover & Experience Sint Maartenszee

Sint Maartenszee is a tourist resort for the holidaymaker. It’s located directly behind the dune line and offers the tourist campsites and holiday parks. There is also a little recreation area with a playground, a restaurant and an indoor playground for the little ones.

On hot summer days the cool sea breeze is lovely beside the lake in the dunes. From April till October there are two beach tents where, during the day and in the evening, you can have coffee or enjoy a romantic dinner. The beach can be reached by a walkway/cycle path through the beautiful dune area. It takes around ten minutes.

In Sint Maartenszee is the wildlife sanctuary “Wildrijk”, famous for its thousands of bluebells. In the dune area you find “duinrellen”: an ingenious system of streams that provide the dune area with pure water out of the dunes themselves. In this so called “Duinrellen project” attention is focused on the unique phenomenon of natural dune water streams.