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Discover & Experience Schagerbrug

In Schagerbrug the former town hall of the municipality of Zijpe is situated. In town hall you can find the Zijper museum. Amongst other things, you can find very old cheese presses, and many historical objects and maps. In the surroundings of Schagerbrug there are several authentic cheese-cover farmhouses. The broad forest “Ananasbos” is a relic of a much larger forest that was situated in between Schagerbrug and Sint Maartensvlotbrug. Here there is also a campsite and dairy farm. 

Grote Sloot:
From north to south of the 400 year old Zijper polder runs the rural channel Grote Sloot past villages such as Burgerbrug, St. Maartensbrug, Schagerbrug and Oudesluis. The last village also used to be a landing place for the East Indian Ships sailing via the Marsdiep to the sea. It was also the home port of the fishing fleet specialising in catching anchovies and kippers. In summertime The Grote Sloot is now part of the art tour.