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Schagen is a country town which became a city in the 15th century. Schagen was already a thousand years old then. Nowadays this town has been developed to have a strong regional function. The population is around 18500 habitants at the moment.

Lots of people living in the surrounding area visit the indoor shopping centre Makado. The city is built on mould land within the Westfriese Omringdike, carried out under supervision of count Floris V. The Vikings raised hell in the area before. Schagen is also called “Magnusveste”, called after knight Magnus. He was a courageous knight who conquered the Egyptian city Damiate in 1219 together with other knights. Nowadays the name “Signorial Schagen” is current. Schagen used to be a seigniory governed by a seigneur. The first seigneur was William van Beieren. He built many beautiful buildings within the village, constructed and maintained roads and founded the Schager Slot (castle). 

Evidence of historical life can still be found in the museum farm Vreeburg, in the church, on the market and on the house fronts around the market. The church on the market (Dutch Reformed) is the second church on this spot. The first church was destroyed by fire in 1895. During this fire much of the history of Schagen was lost including the memorial grave of the first seigneur of Schagen. The new church was finished in 1897. The previous castle is rebuilt, not as replica but as a modern style building with the original towers. 

A weekly cattlemarket was held until the foot and mouth disease in 2001. During the summer months on Thursday’s the famous West-Friese Folklore display is held, with clothing, traditions and parades of historical carriages and traditional clothing. Lots of different activities are organised in the pubs and restaurants around the market. Yearly on the first weekend in August a Pop Music Festival is held, it’s the biggest open-air festival in the area. Thousands of people come to Schagen to attend this festival. Skager weekend, Jazz- and Blues weekend, “Smartlappen weekend” and Eastern-cattle-exhibition are other events visited by thousands of people. 

The motor museum in Schagen offers a collection of fifty different types of vehicles for the car enthusiast, as well as agricultural and farming tools.