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Toeristisch Informatie Punt Dorps Ontmoetingspunt Petten

Zijperweg 1a

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Discover & Experience Petten

Simply has everything to offer

No mass tourism

If you’ve had enough of mass tourism and are looking for authenticity, Petten is the perfect destination. This little village is located at the crossroads of the majestic Hondsbossche Zeewering and the natural coastal defence – dunes with a beautiful forest. The fragile dune area contains a lovely forest pond, hidden like a big secret. The Dijk te Kijk exhibition provides an overview of its illustrious past and the struggle against the water.

Fourth village

The village has endured a lot. As far as we know, this is now the fourth village! Actually, Petten has everything you could wish for in a holiday. A lovely beach, a beautiful dune and forest area and an attractive centre with shops, restaurants and terraces.

Holiday accommodations

Petten has a variety of accommodations: from a simple summer cottage to a beautiful villa in the Corfwater. There are also two campsites. One campsite is practically on the beach! The other is located somewhat outside the village and is extremely well equipped.

Magnificent colours

During the spring, the immediate area is a sea of colour. The flowering tulip fields provide a magnificent pallet of colours. Petten is the start of the world´s largest continuous flower bulb area, which extends all the way to Den Helder. From early April to mid-May, various events are organised within the context of Blooming Zijpe.