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Discover & Experience Julianadorp aan Zee

Julianadorp aan Zee is located on the southside of Den Helder in the centre of the Koegraspolder. The Koegraspolder was reclaimed in 1824. Till 1909 Julianadorp had a different name: Loopuyt. The grandson of Pieter Loopuyt (owner of the old village) asked in the year Princess Juliana was born if the name Loopuyt could be changed to Julianadorp. The permission to do so was given to him by the mother of Princess Juliana, Queen Wilhelmina. 

In former days it was mainly cattle breeders who lived in the Koegraspolder. During the fifties more countryside was prepared for the bulb-growing industry. More bulb growers from southern Holland came to Julianadorp. Nowadays most of the countryside is covered in bulb fields with tulips, bluebells, daffodils and lilies. In springtime Julianadorp changes into a beautiful colourful area. 

The tourism is also developing. The location of the village beside the dunes and beach is favoured by tourists. Julianadorp offers touristic accommodation as holidayparks, campsites and apartments. For anybody who prefers the quiet, nice sandy beaches, dunes and beautiful nature, Julianadorp is the right area.

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