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Discover & Experience Anna Paulowna

Anna Paulowna was the spouse of King William II. She has given her name to the 5.000 hectare polder. In 1845/1846 during the reign of her husband the polder had been enclosed and reclaimed like the land opposite called Wieringen, an island at that time. The municipality Anna Paulowna was established on the 1st of August 1870. Nowadays it is the municipality Hollands Kroon.

The “Oude Veer”, an ancient channel, is dividing Anna Paulowna into an East polder and a West polder. Over the last few years Anna Paulowna has become an aquadrome with its own marina. Anna Paulowna is still one of the larger bulb-growing cultivation areas in Holland. There are about 450 different kinds of tulips growing. 

In springtime Flower days in Anna Paulowna are being held. During this annual event, visited and admired by tens of thousands of people, the local population create flower mosaics along the roads and in their front gardens. In the village centre of Anna Paulowna is the “Polder garden”. In the “Polder garden” there is an ancient country house which is occupied privately. The council looks after the Polder garden, on condition that the garden is open to the public for walks.