Who are we?

Who are we?

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The Regional VVV Top van Holland has the
following mission:

  • To promote
    the North Holland North area
  • To provide information 
    to visitors about the area (hospitality)

Our VVV (tourist information office) works closely together with a range of participants and government bodies. These participants and municipal authorities pay a financial contribution that makes it possible for us to carry out our mission.

Our potential participants include all businesses, from small to large, who could benefit from our mission activities. They may be the owners of holiday accommodation, run a museum or own the local corner bakery. For these businesses it is essential to attract as many visitors as possible to North Holland North. After all, visitors are potential customers for any business. For just a small contribution you too can become a participant of the VVV, and we will bring your business to the notice of visitors to the area, for example on our website and in other publications.